Senior Picture Guide 

I am so excited for the opportunity to be your senior photographer! Your senior picture session is all about celebrating who you are and creating special memories through photographs. This guide shares what you can expect from your photography experience with me and provides helpful, important tips for a successful session.  

Before your session...

Questionnaire: You received a link to a questionnaire in the email with the link to this guide. The questionnaire will help me get to know you better and create a customized session just for you . It has questions about your hobbies and extracurricular activities as well as what types of locations you have in mind for your session. 


Pre-session Consultation: After I receive your completed questionnaire, we will schedule a pre-session phone call with you and your parent to discuss the details of your session including locations and ideas for what to wear. I will also answer any questions you have. 

Choosing Your Locations 

Don't worry - you do not have to find locations for your photo session! I am always on the look out for different types of locations and will provide options. If you have a location you would like to use let me know in your questionnaire! Below are examples of different types of locations. We will finalize locations during your pre-session consultation. 


Natural locations can include the mountain, river, lake or open prairie...


Rustic locations can include farms/ranches, old buildings and backroads...


Urban locations can include alleys, old buildings, classy downtown and stadiums...

What to Wear

Deciding what to wear for you session doesn't have to be stressful! Here are some tips to help make it easier. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your outfits is that your senior pictures are a reflection of you! Make sure your outfits are something you feel comfortable and confident in and  reflect your personality. 

Types of outfits: I recommend three different types of outfits for each session:

  • A polished everyday look

  • A dressier outfit

  • Something that highlights your interests or extracurricular activities such as your sports uniform or FFA jacket.


Be sure clothing is clean and wrinkle free.  


Bring a variety of clothing that can be easily mixed and matched such as tanks, sweaters, jackets and vests. I have a changing tent I bring to sessions to provide a private location to switch outfits. 

Avoid wearing items that are too short when sitting or restrict movement, neon colors, and graphic tees. Make sure you and your parents are comfortable with how revealing outfits look. 

Accessories:  Accessories are what add a bit of fun to your look and pull everything together. Bring hats, necklaces, earrings, belts and shoes! 

Undergarments: Try on all your clothes before your session to ensure your undergarments won't be exposed during your session. Pay close attention to the colors and fabrics you will be wearing. 

Hair and Makeup: Makeup should be natural, apply it as you normally would or just slightly heavier than normal. It's also fun to pamper yourself by getting your hair and makeup professionally done before the session. Be sure to be well rested and hydrate the day of your session to help you look your best. 

Nails: Make sure your finger and toe nails (if you're planning on wearing sandals) are clean and look neat. If you wear finger nail polish, neutral shades are best. Apply a fresh coat before your session so they aren't chipped. 

If you have questions about what to wear, feel free to text me pictures of your outfit ideas at 307-259-2948. 

Below is an example of the 3 types of looks I recommend - polished everyday, dressier, and jacket that highlights her activities.


You can bring items to personalize your session. Props can include (but aren't limited to) - pets/livestock, vehicle, skateboard, and awards from extracurricular activities.

Day of your session...

The day of your session you will need to bring your outfits, shoes and accessories. If you chose a location with water, be sure to bring a pair of flip flops. 

Other items you will want to bring include makeup for touchups including lipstick or lipgloss, a hairbrush and hairspray.

If you are including pets or livestock in your session, be sure that they are well groomed and show ready! 

Your parent must attend the session and you're welcome to invite a friend along too! 

After your session...

I will post a preview of your session on social media unless you request that images remain private. Feel free to share! 

Three to four weeks after your session I will email a link to your online gallery. You will be able to view the final images from your session and download the digital files. You will also be able to order professional prints and products directly from your gallery. 

If the collection you purchased includes products or product credit, your gallery will include instructions on how to redeem those. 


If you have any questions, please call, text or email!

Krystal Brewer